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Trapped Radiation ENvironment model Development

TREND-1 final report


Joseph LEMAIRE, Michel ROTH, Jacques WISEMBERG, Pol DOMANGE, Dominique FONTEYN, Jean Michel LESCEUX, Gerard LOH
Goerges FERRANTE, Christian GARRES, Jacques BORDES
JIV Assoc

Table of content


  1. Identification of problems
  2. Outline of this final report
  3. Acknowledgments

Table of content

1. General overview and background for trend

  1. Introduction
  2. Radiation effects and hazards
  3. Background of TRND's study
  4. The scope & objectives of this study

2. Evaluation of current and new models

  1. Brief description of the radiation environment
  2. Geomagnetic field model
  3. Models of trapped radiation fluxes
  4. Outline of TRENDS contributions to model evolutions

3. Software & data requirements & development

  1. Data available and selection criteria
  2. Description of the data selected for analysis, and selection rationale
  3. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) geostationary Charged Particle Analysers (CPA)
  4. The IUE particle flux monitor (PFM)
  5. Software tools developed by TREND
  6. Software utility subroutines developed by TREND

4. Data analysis & modelling results

  1. Results obtained with Feynman et al.'s model
  2. B-L coordinates with and without an external magnetic field
  3. Distribution of LANL positions in B-L space
  4. Distribution of LANL electron flux measurements
  5. Energy spectra deduced from LANL electron flux measurements
  6. Local time variation of LANL electron flux measurements
  7. Distribution of electron flux for a constant L- value
  8. Results from IUE data

5. Flight measurement requirements

  1. Introduction
  2. Spatial regions of importance for the space radiation environment
  3. ESA's future missions and flight measurements requirements
  4. How tu use future radiation data to update Earth's radiation environment models and produce new ones ?
  5. Recommendations for futures flights and modelling efforts

6. Conclusions & recommendations

  1. Why there is a need for environment radiation data and updated models
  2. The situation before and after TREND
  3. Recommendations for the future


  1. Outline for future longterm developments
  2. SAPRE - the orbit generator
  3. BLXTRA - coordinates transformation
  4. TREP - terrestrial radiation environment program
  5. The Tsyganenko magnetic field models
  6. The Feynman et al. model

List of references