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Trapped Radiation ENvironment model Development

Technical Notes

TN 1, D. Heynderickx and J. Lemaire, November 1993
Improvements to Trapped Radiation Software
TN 2, D. Heynderickx, March 1995
Implementation of CRRESPRO in UNIRAD
TN 3, D. Heynderickx, V. Pierrard and J. Lemaire, March 1995
Atmospheric Cut-off
TN 4 and 5, D. Heynderickx and J. Lemaire, November 1992
Description of the Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite Experiments and Data Sets
TN 6 and 7, S. Szita, D.J. Rodgers and A.D. Johnstone, June 1993
Statistical Survey of SEM-2 Data and Probability of Occurrence vs Flux Model
TN 8, D.J. Rodgers, S. Szita and A.D. Johnstone, October 1993
Comparison of SEM-2, LANL and CRRES Data
TN 9, D.J. Rodgers and A.D. Johnstone, November 1994
Survey of CRRES data
TN 10, D.J. Rodgers, November 1994
Outer Radiation Belt Model Development
TN A, A. Beliaev and J. Lemaire, June 1994
Evaluation of the INP Radiation Belts Models
TN B, D.J. Rodgers, November 1994
Analysis of GOES Electron Data