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Trapped Radiation ENvironment model Development

Technical Notes

TN1: Analysis of ISEE Data
E. Keppler, R. Friedel, G. Loidl
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TN2: Improved MEA-3 MSSL model
D. Rodgers, S. Szita
TN3: Model unification MEA3-ISEE
A.D. Johnstone, S. Szita, G. Loidl
TN5: Flight Data Comparisons
D. Heynderickx, M. Kruglanski
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TN6: Trapped proton anisotropy at low altitudes
M. Kruglanski, J. Lemaire
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TN6 part 2: Improved trapped proton anisotropy description
M. Kruglanski, D. Heynderickx
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TN8: Radiation loss injection study
D. Rodgers
TN9: METEOSAT-3 analysis: corrections & new DB
D. Rodgers, S. Szita
TN10: UNIRAD Improvements and subroutine Library
D. Heynderickx, M. Kruglanski
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User manual: UNIRAD v 3.0 Trapped Radiation Software
D. Heynderickx, M. Kruglanski, J. Lemaire
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