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Trapped Radiation ENvironment model Development


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    Subroutine UA630 - evaluate the atmospheric densities


      RECORD /zgeo/ mpos
      REAL*8        tmass, dens(30), temp(3)
      INTEGER*4     ifail
      CALL UA630 (mpos, tmass, dens, temp, ifail) 


    Geographic location (GEO) [in]
    Total mass density [out]
    Number density of the different species (see note) [out]
    Temperature of the neutral elements, electrons and ionized elements [out]
    Error flag (passed by dependents) [out]


    The subroutine UA630 interfaces the atmospheric, ionospheric and plasmaspheric model with the UNILIB libray. The subroutine includes also two simple atmospheric models of the total mass density. The different models are selected by arguments matm.katm and matm.kion of the common block UC150. The possible selections are listed in the table below.

    matm.katm=1 MSISE-90 atmospheric model
    matm.katm=2 Neutral part of the Anderson & Francis model
    matm.katm=3 Simple total mass density model "Astrophysical Quantities" (Allen, 1985)
    matm.katm=4 Simple Pfitzer total mass density model
    matm.kion=1 IRI-90 ionospheric model
    matm.kion=2 Ionospheric part of the Anderson & Francis model
    matm.kion=3 Simple Pfitzer model of the ionosphere

    The temperatures (argument temp) are provided only by the MSISE-90 and IRI-90 models.

    One should note that the total mass density and the number densities are only determined for the species listed in argument kspec of common block UC150.


            REAL*8  dens(30), cs(30), uma(30)
    Each indice of both arrays corresponds to a fixed atmospheric constituent. The table below provides the correspondance between indices and constituents.

    1 = H 11 = CO2 21 = He+
    2 = He 12 = NH3 22 = C+
    3 = Ne 13 = CH4 23 = N+
    4 = Ar 14 not used 24 = O+
    5 = Kr 15 not used 25 = Ne+
    6 = Xe 16 = O. 26 = N2+
    7 = H217 = N. 27 = NO+
    8 = N218 not used 28 = O2+
    9 = O219 = e- 29 not used
    10 = CO 20 = p+ 30 not used

    Note that the subroutines, which return the arguments dens or cs, assign the value 0 to array elements which correspond to atmospheric components not treated by the subroutine.


    -63001, geographic position below the Earth's surface

Common Blocks

    UC150, atmospheric model description
    UC160, general constants


Called by

    UA636, evaluate a weighted atmospheric mass


    UM535, geocentric to geodetic transformation
    UA631, Anderson and Francis atmosphere
    UA632, simple atmospheric density distribution
    UA633, IRI-90 ionospheric model
    UA634, compute mass density from number density

See also

    UA610, select an atmospheric, ionospheric and/or plasmaspheric model
    FAQ G.05 Which are the coordinates and units used ?

Reported Bugs

  • In version 2.00 and earlier, the local time was improperly passed to both MSISE and IRI-90 models by the subroutines UA632 and UA633, respectively. The bug is fixed since version 2.01.